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Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. they have cast a nationwide net to capture him. >> reporter: the fbi has plastered giant photographs like this one of daniel andreas san diego near the bay bridge and all across the country. he is the first domestic terrorism fugitive added to the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. >> anyone with eyes undoers out there can help the fbi out. >> reporter: last december, fbi agents went door to door in this san rafael neighborhood where san diego has family ties. the fbi has tips that san diego has been spotted in novato, san rafael, and santa cruz, but he could also be in massachusetts, south america, or europe. >> it has been many years since the fbi has asked for the public east help. >> reporter: he is charged with the bombing of an office building in emeryville and pleasanton. >> damage to property. it would have been easy for a bystander to be hurt. >> reporter: he is a member of an extreme animal rights group and targeted the companies for their connection to an animal testing lab. san diego could have several tattoos. burns and collapsing building
Feb 28, 2014 11:00pm PST
his secrets. >> fbi investigators say one california city more than any other is a gate way for human trafficking. tonight, ron jones gets one of the street pimps to share his secrets. >> in the prostitution game, you don't need any money to make money. >> reporter: the feds accuse him of running a sophisticating human trafficking circuit. >> it is not like i have to go to college or get a degree. >> reporter: he promised to take us deep into the game if we didn't reveal his identity. the girls, the victims, start young. >> she has been doing it since she was 14 years old. >> reporter: the game promises a lavish lifestyle. >> the population we are talking about is extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: the glamour is an illusion, we learned just how vulnerable the victims are. >> and they are running away from something. so many of them are involved in the foster care system. they have bad situations at home. >> reporter: many are homeless youth, some as young as 14 having what is survival sex for food and shelter. law enforcement says the city ranks second in the nation. >> we are centra
Mar 4, 2014 11:00pm PST
-qaeda. he is probably a member of the fbi. it has become almost a joke we are probably being listened to right now. >> reporter: but nadia says the close surveillance of muslims in the bay area and nationwide is no laughing matter. most recently, the arab resourcing center has told kpix5 that fbi agents have been showing up at the homes of arab residents right here in oakland knocking on their doors and asking them questions about the iraqi community. but last night, a group of muslim activists gathered at city hall to kneel and pray. they came to oppose the domain awareness center. >> we don't want any community to go through what the muslim community has gone through around the privacy, invasion of privacy around illegal and unlawful surveillance. >> reporter: the city is crafting a privacy policy to try to address some of those concerns. it prohibits observing individuals strictly based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other classification, but does not mention religion. >> they could use religion. that is one of the main reasons why the muslim community is
Feb 25, 2014 11:00pm PST
reached out to the fbi and the da's office to do. i didn't know i would become a suspect. so yeah. a little blown away. >> reporter: this culture of corruption in the tight-knit community was not entirely new to the residents. >> some people would be struggling. if there was a burglary, they say they were always here late and nobody is doing anything. so we are not really trusting our policemen. >> reporter: the da says residents have complained about shady officers running the town for years and that is why they looked into it. after further investigation, they uncovered this massive scheme. live in king city, betty yu, kpix5. >> two other king city officers were also arrested on unrelated charges today. >>> we are getting our first look at the woman accused of going on a deadly rampage at an indian reservation. 44-year-old sherry lash rhodes was at arraignment today. she killed a bunch of people including family. >>> the san francisco board of education approved a policy to limit suspensions and encourage students who misbehave to get councilling. that is when they called for a
Feb 27, 2014 11:00pm PST
. the 29-year-old thought he was detonating a car bomb, but the fbi got to him first and supplied him with fake materials. in addition to prison, he agreed to get some psychiatric help. >>> a federal appeals court says a morgan hill high school was justified when ordering students wearing american flag t-shirts to turn them inside out. during a 2010 cinco de mayo celebration. there was a history of problems between whites and latinos at the time. >>> tonight, people in richmond are so fed up they are thinking of going to the feds for help. because of this. ceilings about to collapse. rotting foundation. kpix5 reporter christin ayers on how some apartments have turned into absolute squalor. >> reporter: like most nights, marilyn johnson is playing dominoes with the elderly man she helps care for. right beneath the gaping hole in his ceiling that has been leeing hot water for four years. >> maintenance came in about a month. and bandaged it up. >> reporter: this is just another horror story at one of the apartment complexes run by the richmond housing authority. two weeks ago, tenants g
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)